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Pig Launchers

Pig Receivers

Auxiliary Equipment

Pig Trap with FORTAN Quick Opening Closure (QOC)

Pig Launchers and Receivers, Multi-directional Pig Traps

We manufacture Pig Traps with our own designed and manufactured Quick Opening Closure according special customer requirements in sizes from DN100 (4") to DN1500 (60") and design pressures up to 200 bar.

Quick Opening Closure (QOC)

The Quick Opening Closures (QOC) are designed and manufactured by ourselves. They are characterised by simple but rugged design. All components are designed for long-time performance. Our QOCs comply to all safety requirements of the common standards.

Auxiliary Equipment

We provide the pig traps with auxiliary equipment according customer requirements:

  • Pig Signaller
  • Pig Trolley
  • Valves¬†
  • Pressure gauge
  • Additional safety systems, e. g. key interlock systems, initiators
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