New hall construction completed (2016-09-08)

The construction of the new hall has been completed. We now have the ability to manufacture significantly larger tanks, apparatus and heat exchangers. This enables Fortan Systems to respond even more flexibly to customer requirements.

With the larger hall and higher crane capacity, the production possibilities are significantly expanded

The new hall has been completed

The hall is immediately used for the production of larger containers

Important milestones reached in the NEW CONSTRUCTION (2016-07-21)

This week, the last façade elements, the entrance gate and the new 20-tonne cranes were installed. This means that construction is about to start on the floor slab. From today’s perspective, there is nothing to prevent the new production hall from being utilised in August.

The expansion is progressing rapidly

The façade and roof are installed

The crane is installed

Henceforth expands its production capacity (2016-07-11)

In the course of the takeover of AIS GmbH, it became necessary to be able to manufacture larger apparatus and containers. The management has therefore decided to build a third new production hall in order to meet the new customer requirements. The new hall is scheduled for completion in August 2016.

Characteristics of the new production hall

  • Length 40 m, width 15 m, 600 m²
  • Hook height 6 m
  • Crane capacity 2x 20 t
Start of construction at the beginning of April 2016

The steel structure will be completed at the end of June 2016

Installation of the façade in July 2016

From now on, the business of AIS GMBH, Krefeld (2016-01-07)

Fortan Systems GmbH took over the business of AIS GmbH from Krefeld on the Lower Rhine on 1 January 2016. Production is completely relocated to Fortan’s headquarters in the Welschen-Ennest/Kirchhundem industrial estate. The takeover significantly strengthens Fortan’s production capabilities and market presence in the field of apparatus, tanks and heat exchangers. The approval process for the construction of an additional, larger production hall has already been initiated so that AIS can continue to cover its production spectrum at the new site in the future.