Pig launchers and autoclaves

Pig launchers and autoclaves

We build pig launchers and autoclaves with quick-release closures from our own production according to the specific requirements of our customers.

We manufacture pig launchers in the size range DN100 (4”) to DN1500 (60″) and for pressures up to 200 bar for pig launchers

We manufacture autoclaves in the size range 100 mm to 2500 mm with unit weights of up to 40 tonnes.

Quick-release fastener

We design and manufacture the quick-release fasteners for our pig launchers and autoclaves ourselves. This enables us to develop components that are optimally adapted to requirements in dialogue with our customers.


We supply the pig launches and quick-release fasteners manufactured by us with additional accessories on customer request:

  • Pig detector
  • Pigging trolley
  • Breakaway fittings
  • pressure gauges
  • Additional security devices, e.g. key systems